Why do you need us

We study your country; although you still have better knowledge of it, the fresh perspective of a stranger from a foreign country allows you to identify threats and opportunities that may not seem that evident to you.
We have dealt with all types of scenarios, from military-autocratic regimes to failed states, from over-regulated democracies to almost zero control of politics and elections.
We are proud that we are able to successfully predict development scenarios, combining various research and modelling methods.
We select suitable best practices from all over the world and adapt them to suit the current situation of the target country.
We focus on dealing with the political and pre-election situation as a whole. It is often more efficient to select another route than to continue ramming a wall.

Types of cooperation

We focus on finding the most comfortable, useful and profitable way to cooperation with our Client.
  1. ONE-TIME RECOMMENDATIONSBased on remote analytics, expert opinions (from a foreign country and the country in question), communication with the Client and the personal non-public visit of 2-3 experts to the country, we elaborate general recommendations on political strategy and tactics.
  2. RESEARCH AND STRATEGYPart of the research (social networks, Internet media) is conducted remotely and the other part is conducted within the country (usually based on a legend, excluding the Client’s disclosure). Field studies include both classic (focus-groups and public opinion polls) and political and psychological methods (modelling unconscious motives and moods of electors, psychological portraits of politicians). Based on the above, we make out detailed recommendations and the action strategy.
  3. CONSULTING SUPPORTIf it is not possible to directly integrate into the operations of the headquarters / party / administration, we can provide the Client or one of the campaign managers with regular oral or written recommendations. These include daily recommendations on the agenda, weekly recommendations on the strategy and tactics; as for other issues, the period is discussed. This option implies that there is a limited number of experts in the country, and this number depends on the specific tasks.
  4. PROJECTS AND OPERATIONSOur Clients often need to have a one-time impact on public opinion, spread a certain point of view within elite circles, or reach some other goal. In this situation, we can implement a project or a one-time informational event by ourselves, sometimes not using the client’s contacts.
  5. CAMPAIGN SUPPORT AND MANAGING OTHER AREASWe are ready to manage your whole campaign. But considering matters of arrangement, this is more often not possible outside Russia. That is why we offer to implement some aspects of the campaign ourselves; for some of them, we prepare materials and recommendations in the current mode (e.g., models of campaign materials and talking points), while for some, we give regular advice to managers and adjust the process (e.g. voter mobilisation).


Having accumulated a wealth of experience working almost all over the world, we are able to find balance: applying knowledge on universal principles of human behavior, considering the country specifics; we remember the Client’s realities based on science.
Cooperating with governments, ruling and opposition forces of various countries, we do not impose our own ideological or political views or position of any other country.
We give our Client direct explanations about all the problems we identify in their campaign, party or project.
We do not undertake two or more concurrent projects to guarantee maximum involvement and commitment.
In the almost 20 years that we have been in business, we have not experienced any document leakage.
We do not try to change what the Client already has, but we give a fresh view on what they already have and offer what they do not.
We do not impose any projects, products or services, but we select the cooperation format that will bring our Client the maximum results.
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